Honeymoon, Aniversary, Milestone

Exotic Honeymoons and Aniversaries our Specialty

I believe that the ideal honeymoon is to a romantic, far-away destination that stimulates the senses and allows the newlyweds to share and build new experiences and memories together.  Likely someplace that neither of them may have been to previously.

If your idea of a honeymoon is lying around on a beach, then we can refer you to other people who can better assist you.  However, if your dream beach is somewhere off the beaten track such as Costa Rica, Tahiti, Fiji, Australia, Bali, Thailand, the Seychelles, Maldives, Mauritius, Mozambique or Zanzibar then you have come to the right place --    we have arranged honeymoons that included each of these exotic locales and others.

Each honeymoon is tailored to the couple.  Are you looking for adventure or pampering or both?  Do you want to encounter culture -- be it contemporary, sophisticated, historic or indigenous?    What pace do you wish to travel?  Are you seeking isolation or social interaction?  There are so many criteria to consider that are unique to you.

Among our favorite destinations:

South America & Mediterranean - natural wonders, lost cultures, vibrant societies, superb cuisine and wines: Ecuador (Galapagos), Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Morocco, Egypt.

Orient - the pinnacle of hospitality and exotic culture: Thailand, Japan, China, India.

Australia & South Pacific - casual and laid-back, spectacular scenery: Tahiti, Fiji, Australia, New Zealand.

African Safari (our personal favorite): following the Great Migration across the Serengeti Plains, floating over the Masai Mara in a hot air balloon, taking a Flight of the Angels over Victoria Falls, gliding through the channels of the Okavango Delta, sipping fine South African wines atop Table Mountain in Cape Town.  Africa has it all and the options are endless.

•Wondrous Wildlife

•Rose Petal Turn Downs

•Private Plunge Pools

•Champagne Sunset Cruises

•Bush Dinners by Candlelight

•Romantic Star-bed Sleep-outs in a Tree House

•Luxury Train Journeys

Whatever you are considering for your honeymoon, we promise it will be worth your time to speak with us.