African Safaris, Tours and Accomodations

"If you only visit two continents in your lifetime -- visit Africa twice." (R. Elliott)

I've been fortunate to have explored more than 70 nations across six continents and my background allows me to arrange travel to any part of the globe.  Now-a-days I focus my passion for travel primarily on Africa.

There are countless significant sites and monuments around the world and I encourage people to encounter as many as possible.  However, nothing compares with being on an African safari.  A safari (Swahili word for 'journey') is often described as a life-changing experience and for most, if not all, it truly is.  I attribute this to a safari taking each of us back to our primal beginnings.  Scientific evidence has established that mankind emerged from the African continent -- and when you are there that connection envelops you.  As you observe the continuous ebb and flow of prey versus predator -- that Cycle of Life -- you come to appreciate how mankind began as a fragile prey species and against the odds through the development of intellect was able to emerge as the dominant species.  You become inspired by that connection to this part of the planet.  No other place on Earth provides that sense of awe.  Africa is magical.

As if that weren't enough the safari experience is dynamic and ever-changing.  You can return to the same location day after day after day and nature will always provide you with a new and unique spectacle.  That's why I have dedicated myself to the preservation of this precious yet fragile resource and to assisting as many people as possible to realize this gratifying and mystical experience at least once in their lifetime.   My bucket list consists of both new destinations and return visits, but if I never travel anywhere other than on safari in Africa, I'll be content.

Crafting a safari is unlike most vacation planning you may have done previously.  That's why so much depends upon the expertise of a professional.  If you have been on a prior safari, engaging a safari professional is equally important to assure that your next safari compliments rather than replicates your earlier safaris.  As you move around Africa many parameters change.  For example the accommodations in some safari regions are dominated by lodges while other regions are predominately or exclusively tented camps.  Which is best for you?

Planning a safari carries the same admonition as acquiring real estate: "Location, Location, Location".  The wildlife roams freely and follows seasonal migratory patterns.  The same region will be abundant with wildlife during some periods of the year and sparse during others.  Seasonality also applies to lodging.  Will the wildlife be right outside your door or many, many bumpy, dusty miles away?  Furthermore, the type and abundance of wildlife varies by ecosystem.  I'll help you sort out which ecosystems you should visit, which specific ones are viable during the period you wish to travel, and where to stay to be in the midst of the action.  There are a multitude of nuances that go into determining what arrangements are best for you and your budget.  And, of course, there are enriching cultural experiences and magnificent world-class sites to be folded into your itinerary.

I first traveled to Africa in the mid 1980's and instantly fell in love with it.  Each of the safari countries of Africa have undergone dramatic changes over the years.  New regions, camps and lodges open each year.  Since 2004 I have taken multiple journeys to Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Uganda and other African nations.   During this period I have planned and arranged more than 300 safaris - each one tailored to the particular travellers.  I honed my expertise working for respected safari pioneer and safari outfitter Abercrombie & Kent.  My credentials include safari consulting and sales for two other safari tour operators and as a National Director and Chapter President with the Association for the Promotion of Tourism to Africa (APTA).  I'm actively involved in anti-poaching campaigns to protect and preserve Africa's threatened and rapidly dwindling rhino and elephant populations.

I have no financial interest in any one country, lodge chain or particular destination and therefore can assist in crafting the right safari to meet your needs and budget.  Together we will create the trip of a lifetime for you.                                                        

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